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If you are considering individually designed Stabilizing Orthotics, we can perform a digital
foot scan to show you how imbalances in the feet can lead to problems in the knees, hips,
back and shoulders. The foot scan will show how Stabilizing Orthotics can help improve
your foot structure, balance and posture. Following a foot scan, a report will provide you
a Pronation/Stability Index, a Foot Assessment, and a Body Assessment.  That
information can then be sent to the lab to custom mold an orthotic.
Understanding Your Feet
Foot Assessment

The digital optical scan
demonstrates  where your feet
are applying pressure. Loss of
arch height – The red areas on
the V7+ scan show where your
feet are applying pressure.
Loss of arch height – which
shows more red in the middle
of the foot, such as the image
and rolling of the feet.

The scan also shows the foot.
The higher number indicates
greater instability on that side
of the body.
The body assessment image
feet can lead to knee rotation,
pelvic tilt and shoulder drop.
These imbalances in the body
can be caused by pronation
and supination of the foot.

These instabilities can lead to
conditions such as plantar
fasciitis, knee pain, hip pain,
back pain, and neck pain.

A properly aligned body will
have symmetrical feet, level
knees, pelvis and shoulders.
Wearing Stabilizing Orthotics
may help alleviate imbalances
and conditions caused by
those imbalances.