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That first step can be painful in the morning. Stretching of the soft tissue on the under side of the foot can
place extreme pressure on the rear foot bone causing a heal spur and/or a condition of plantar fascitis.
The stretching of the soft tissue can contribute to an uneven walking foundation and fallen arches, causing
a compensatory reaction traveling up your body often resulting in knee, hip and low back pain.

Chiropractic recongnizes this uneven gait and wear and tear of your feet and it's contribution to spinal
subluxation. We use state-of-the art technology to digitally analyse your foot biomechanics and prescribe
custom digitally fit orthotics to help relieve the pressure on the foot arches and stabilize your gait and
posture helping you to achieve greater stability from the ground up to help you reachgreater levels of
health, wellness, and comfort.

Foundation of Your Body

Your feet are the foundation of your body. They support you when you stand, walk, or run. And they help
protect your spine, bones, and soft tissues from damaging stress as you move around. Your feet perform
better when all their muscles, arches, and bones are in their ideal stable positions.

The foot is constructed with three arches which, when properly maintained, give exceptional supportive
strength. These three arches form a supporting vault that distributes the weight of the entire body.

If there is compromise of one arch in the foot, the other arches must compensate and are subject to
additional stresses, which usually leads to further compromise.

It’s a chain reaction.

Healthcare professionals know alleviating pain in one part of your body often requires treating a different
part. The pain you feel in your neck could be caused by a misalignment in your spine that is caused by
unbalanced positioning in your feet. See? It’s a chain reaction.

By stabilizing and balancing your feet, Foot Levelers orthotics enhance your body’s performance and
efficiency, reduce pain, and contribute to your total body wellness. Our orthotics complement your
healthcare professional’s treatment when you stand, walk, and live your active life.

What is an orthotic?

An orthotic is a custom made insole designed to support and control the motions of your foot. Through
control of the foot, the orthotic device can also affect the knee, hip, pelvis and back. The orthotic is made
from a variety of materials based on the needs of the patient. A more firm device will provide control and
support while a softer device will give shock absorption and comfort.

Who would use an orthotic?

Orthotics can be useful for everyone from athletes with knee pain to production line workers with arch pain.
Pain in your foot, ankle, knee, hip, or back may be the result of a hidden or obvious problem of foot
structure and function. Orthotics may decrease symptoms in any one of these areas by supporting the
movement of the lower extremity through control of the foot.

What services does we provide with regards to orthotics?

Many of the physical therapists throughout the Olympic Physical Therapy system have advanced training
and years of experience evaluating the need and beneficial effects of custom designed orthotics. The
physical therapist will perform an evaluation and listen to your choice of footwear and desired activities
before ordering the device.

This will assure the best possible fit, control and comfort of the orthotic. If an orthotic is not necessary, you
may receive counseling regarding your footwear, or the use of an over the counter insole.Making an
orthotic requires taking measurements, analyzing how your body moves and making a cast impression of
the foot. The cast is then sent to a laboratory where the orthotic shell will be heat molded to the impression
of your foot.

Next, the orthotic will be fit to you and your shoe. Orthotics are only a part of a complete rehabilitation
program. Manual therapy, exercise and movement re-education may also be a part of your successful
return to activity.