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Trigger points associated with lower back and leg pain are commonly found the iliotibial band (near the upper thigh), as well as in
muscles near the hip and buttocks, including the psoas, gluteus maximus, and piriformis. Trigger points associated with neck, upper
back, and arm pain are commonly found muscles near the upper back and neck such as the the shawl portion of the trapezius
muscle, the rhomboid muscles, and the levator scapulae.

These chronic, persistent, localized muscle spasms are caused by postural inefficiencies, biomechanical faults, and stress. Any or all
of these factors may be involved. Stress may be ongoing, depending on the person's circumstances, but posture and biomechanics
can definitely be addressed and improved with chiropractic care.

Your chiropractor will analyze and identify biomechanical issues, particularly those involving spinal misalignments. A chiropractor will
design treatment specifically tailored for your individual needs and, if needed, will help educate you regarding good postural habits
and exercises that will be beneficial for many years to come.
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the nerve system and the musculoskeletal system, chiropractic care gives your body the best chance to recover from many
complicated problems.

Chiropractic care is a key component of the multidisciplinary approach to management of multisystemic disorders such as
fibromyalgia. By restoring more normal function to the person's nerve system, chiropractic care unleashes powerful and natural
symptoms will likely naturally begin to reduce and resolve
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For a lucky few, good health just happens. A fortunate combination of genetics and circumstances allows a small number of persons
to enjoy high levels of health without having to expend any effort. But for most of us, good health depends on the things we do to
maintain this precious resource.  Getting enough rest, doing regular vigorous exercise, and eating high-quality, nutritious food are the
cornerstones of good health. Regular chiropractic care is an important part of the mix. Regular chiropractic care helps keep the body's
and well-being. In this way, regular chiropractic care helps support all the other action steps we're taking to ensure top levels of health.

Dear Dr. Barry, Why did I wait so long to get the new foot Levelers - my feet, legs, hips and back feel so much better. My feet feel like they
are being caressed with every step.Thanks Jim

If you are considering individually designed Stabilizing Orthotics, we can perform a
foot scan to show you how imbalances in the feet can lead to problems in the
knees, hips, back and shoulders. The foot scan will show how Stabilizing Orthotics
can help improve your foot structure, balance and posture. Following a foot scan, a
report will provide you a Pronation/Stability Index, a Foot Assessment, and a Body
Assessment.  That information can then be sent to the lab to custom mold an orthotic.
Foot Assessment

show where your feet are applying
pressure. Loss of arch height –
The red areas on the V7+ scan
show where your feet are applying
pressure. Loss of arch height –
which shows more red in the
middle of the foot, such as the
image shown – can cause
flattening and rolling of the feet.

The scan also shows the foot. The
higher number indicates greater
instability on that side of the body.

The body assessment image
shows how imbalances in the feet
can lead to knee rotation, pelvic tilt
and shoulder drop. These
imbalances in the body can be
caused by pronation and
supination of the foot.

These instabilities can lead to
conditions such as plantar fasciitis,
knee pain, hip pain, back pain, and
neck pain.

A properly aligned body will have
symmetrical feet, level knees,
pelvis and shoulders. Wearing
Stabilizing Orthotics may help
alleviate imbalances and
conditions caused by those